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The Past, Present, and Future of My Accounting BusinessFeatured

As some of you may already know, I am an accountant. I love to write but my accounting business pays the bills. So I would be writing more about my profession on and how I manage my accounting business in this post. Accounting is an exacting discipline in finance. It is a way to make one’s financial life simpler (contrary to popular belief that accounting complicates things). In accounting, for every value received is a value parted with. This simple system of recording financial transactions is the reason why it is easy to monitor, measure, and adjust financial activities. I take pride in the science of accounting and this is why I love every minute of my work.


How I started

I started small in my accounting business and I made sure that I focus on where I am good at. My extensive experience in small business accounting pushed me to start serving a few small businesses in my town. I started tapping into my network of friends to refer me to clients. I kept at this personalized marketing strategy until I was able to grow my business. I started hiring people as I moved towards serving midsized businesses. I started my little business accounting firm on my home office. As I started to expand I rented out a small office space in the downtown area. When people ask me the secret of the sustained growth of my business I have to say it is my relationships with my clients. The secret to success is connecting with people, not just organizations and businesses.

The standards I have to keep

The growth of my accounting business is due to the strict standards I imposed on my procedures. I never give my clients ill advices to cut some corners in preparing their taxes. Unfortunately this is becoming a common practice among many accounting firms. I really believe that for your clients to respect you, you must set a high level of integrity in the way you work. I also make sure I hire the right people. I hire for attitude and organizational fit and then I train for skill, not the other way around. If I have the right people who share the same values with me, it is easier to set an image or brand for my clients. I embrace excellence in every facet of my firm’s operation. This “branding” is landing me more clients every year. This is also attracting the right client base for my business. Read more →

How I See My Single Life: All Year Round Happiness and ContentmentFeatured

I am single and I am not ashamed that I am one. I really do not understand what the fuss is all about in being a single man. I am not in a hurry anyway. I love the idea of waiting and finding the right person at the right time. I am searching as of the moment but I am not rushing myself. I love my life right now. I like meeting new people, get to know some of them better, and ask a few on a date if I find her interesting enough. Aside from that it is smooth and unhurried sailing.


Time for myself

I see my single life right now as a time to examine myself better. What do I want in my life right now? What and who do I need to enrich my life? How do I keep myself happy in my solitude? These are some key questions I am asking myself right now. This is keeping me focused on the blessings of being single. I always believe that the better you know yourself the more prepared you are to share your life with another person. Being alone in my life right now gives me the chance to see the small details of myself. I have all the time in the world to change what I do not like about my way of thinking and the way I live my life as a whole. I get to do that without being distracted because I am taking care of another person. The “me” time I have right now is priceless and I know the solitude is helping me have a better idea of the kind of person I want to share my life with.

Addressing my hurts from the past

I came from a 5-year relationship that ended just a year ago. The experience left a big hole in my heart for a long time. I cannot seem to get over this sad episode in my life. Losing someone who you learned to love for a long time is hard. In my case I needed a long time to rehabilitate my emotions. My single life right now has helped me recover completely from my past hurts. I have learned to come to terms with losing someone. I have learned to move on. That would have been impossible if I got into another relationship as quickly as I could. Plus that could prove to be unfair to the person I choose to go into a relationship with after that traumatic break up. A broken heart needs some fixing, not another person to fill in a void. My single life addressed my hurts from the past and now I can really say I can love again completely. Read more →

The Top 4 Tech Gadgets I Cannot Live Without as a WriterFeatured

I am an accountant but I love to write in my free time. There is something liberating about expressing thoughts in words. My passion for writing helps me make sense of what is happening in my life. I am tempted to think that writing is the reason why I am able to keep my sanity through the toughest times in my life. Writing is a big part of who I am that it is even dictating the gadgets I am spending on lately. This post is about some of the tech gadgets I own (and love) for my writing.

A small and light laptop


I love full sized laptop screens but I love portable laptops more because of the idea of having a means to write away anywhere, anytime. I can easily slip my 13 inch Mac Air in my backpack wherever I go and write my thoughts down the moment I am inspired to do so. I used to leave my laptop at home because I do not want to carry around that much weight around. But with the advent of ultrabooks and netbooks I do not have to worry about lugging heavy computers in my back. I am now learning to write and do research on my iPad – this can significantly make writing way lighter than before.

Durable notepad and a pen

Nothing compares to having a means to quickly put thoughts into writing. A pocket-size notepad with cover pockets is still the best way to make some quick notes on the go. A notepad and a pen can function just fine without batteries and can easily store a lot of processed thoughts. A quick mind map can summarize a whole series of blogs about one central topic. Handy indeed!

A decent phone

A phone that has a powerful processor, a good mobile Internet connectivity, and a decent camera (an HD video would not hurt) can do a lot for a writer. Smart phones might not be good input devices but it can enrich blogs and social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter with photos and videos (with some quick and witty captions). This is not to mention the fast, real time upload of photos and videos making each entry relevant and timely. Read more →